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What We Do

On-Site Optimisation

One of the most important things for your website is to make sure it is has everything the search engines are looking for in a site. Mobile ready, fast loading and all the tags in the right place. We can help you have the right site structure in place and increase page load times.

Link Building

Link building – having other quality websites with links and citations leading back to you is an excellent way to build your authority and show your business to potential customers. It shows that the content you have is worth sharing.

Content Building

Content for your website and social media is what people want when they visit your site. Good high quality, engaging content that gives them the information they were search for. We help you create the right kind of website content. And get it seen.

Get seen

Use the right Keywords to be found in search

Search Engines let potential customers find the products and services they want.

This can either be your products and services or your competitors. Have you ever stopped and searched for your services or products in Google or Bing? Did you find it ? Where was it ? Where are your competitors ?

These questions should be top of mind when looking at your sales funnel and where customers find you in the buying cycle. 72% of people research online before making a purchase – If they don’t see you they don’t think about you when it comes to buying.

SEO is the tool that your business should be using to make sure your business is found.

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How we get you results

Consistency, Relevant, Timely

When we start working on your business SEO, we start by analysing your current website, the keywords that you want to rank for and the current position in both Google and Bing.

We build a report giving a detailed overview of the state of your website, both on-page and off-page and go from there.

On-page SEO refers to the site itself, do you have good page descriptions, are the URL’s used SEO friendly ? We make sure the fundamentals of you website are solid.

Then we move on to what is called off-page SEO. We start building citations and links back to your website. Quality links help build the reputation of your site. Links coming into your content help establish your business and its information in the search engines algorithm as something people will be interested in.

Content though is key, readable, understandable and useful to people will help keep your website relevant and able to be found in search results.