What does SEO do for you?

Basic Definitions First

SEO Definition: Search Engine Optimisation is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic – potential customers coming to a site – by increasing how often a website is seen by users of a web search engine

Other definitions:

Analytics: Software/code that allows you to track position, visits, keywords and conversions

Back-Links: links coming back to your from other websites

Content: Refers to the images, words and graphics on your website page. Content is what visitors from search engines are looking for when they click the link in the search results

Conversion: means converting a visitor into a consumer. This can mean simply signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a product depending on the aim.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing

SERP: Search Engine Ranking Position

How it works

When a user goes to a search engine (google) and types in a keyword, phrase or question that search engine retrieves a list of website pages ranked according to an algorithm that tries to present the most informative results/answers to the query.
SEO works by looking at your website page, the keywords, links and content on and to your website, adjusting and tweaking it to increase the position your page is found when a potential customer looks for a product or service related to your business.

Why is it important to do SEO

  • Your competitors do it
  • To increase conversions for an action you want customers to take
  • 21.74 million internet users or 87% of population
  • 5H 04M Average daily time spent using internet
  • 93% use the internet daily for personal use
  • 76% make an online purchase or pays bills online
  • 84% searched online for a product or service
  • 76% visit an online retail store
  • 69% purchased a product or service online

In 2016 Google stopped counting the number of pages it had indexed or found.
It had become a number that was more or less pointless asides from a curiosity.
That number was 150 Trillion pages.

What SEO does is work to get your website seen as high up as possible in the search results AND clicked on by as many potential customers as possible.


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