AABill – Assistance and Access Bill (2018)

The current Australian government wants to pass a bill to make companies, #signal, #whatsapp even #apple, give police access to your private encrypted messages.

And because of the secrecy measures baked into the bill, companies and individuals will not be allowed to talk about it, acknowledge and or even suggest they have built a backdoor door into their product.

This won’t stop criminals, because they will simply move to something that can’t be policed or monitored.

It will however force surveillance onto the Australian population, one that can’t be reported on, one that can’t be talked about and can be punished if it is.

This has a very chilling effect on individual privacy and freedoms.

Not to mention the bill seeks to introduce flaws into the very things that make secure internet commerce possible.
Imagine if this sort of flaw in products and services was found and was able to be exploited by the criminals themselves.

I would ask every one call their local Federal MP and voice their concerns.

Bill Shorten

Electorate office
Telephone:(03) 9326 1300
Fax:(03) 9326 0611

Parliament office
Telephone:(02) 6277 4022
Fax:(02) 6277 8562


Senator Keneally: 02 62773512
Senator Cameron: 02 62773367
Senator McAllister: 02 62773443
Senator ONiell: 02 62773882

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